Enough of Idea Banks.

Every once in a while I see people, generally hackers, coming up with the idea of making an online idea bank where they can share their ideas and team up with other hackers to work on those ideas. Some even execute their idea to actually launch such idea sharing websites. I know atleast a dozen of such websites that eventually failed. I must admit even I had such thoughts few years back. Not anymore. The reality is that all such sites end up being just a collection of similar ideas by hackers most of which are some kind of social bullshit. We don’t need that. We don’t want to limit our ideas to imaginary non-existent problems thought by a handful of hackers.

What we need is a community, a place where non-tech people from other disciplines are encouraged to share their problems and connect with hackers to seek the solutions. What we need is an interface between hackers and rest of the world and not yet another geek ghetto.

So fellow hackers, why not make a site where non-tech people can post their problems with a description and how much they are ready to pay for a solution? Members can have a discussion on the problems in HN/Reddit style comments or they can upvote it to express they are interested in a solution too. Hackers can see those problems and express their interest or team up with other hackers to solve it together or form a startup. They can show their solutions to given problem on the website with demo links/price etc. which can be further up/down voted by members. If we want to maintain the quality of hackers that join the site we may put a selection process similar to forrst.com i.e. hackers membership will be subject to approval on basis of their past work samples.

So, are you going to do something about it?