Please steal my startup ideas.

These are some of the ideas rotting on my list of startup/app ideas for obvious reasons - lack of time or interest. You are free to use, modify, share or do anything with it.

1. : A music discovery service that lets you discover music/music videos according to emotion tags, artists, band, album, genre etc. It should let users organize music they like in easy to use playlists and share playlists/music with friends on facebook or other social networks. I tried to hack a functional prototype one weekend. Here is the link to a half-baked prototype written in PHP (not many videos in database so site will look empty) -

Home Page -
Playlist Page -
Search songs with “sad” tags -
Search songs on youtube -

2. Hangout : A web/mobile app to let users discover interesting places to visit, events to attend and fun activities to do together in their city with their friends, family and may be a prospective date. It should let users create hangout plans/wishes that their friends can discover and join. After all, real life happens offline and not on facebook. :)

This old home page design may explain my vision in a better way :

3. Talent Hunt Site : An online competition where upcoming artists can participate by submitting their music/videos on website. Audience votes on their videos for a specific period. Top N number of artists are invited for face-to-face audition/competition where judges decide the winner. This can be broadcasted live online or on any T.V. channel. Winner gets some cash prize or an opportunity to get his first album recorded.

4. CyberModels : An online service to connect small business/startups (that needs fresh faces for pics/videos on their site) with people who are interested in modeling for a small fees. It can be an alternative to stock photos.

5. HN Clone with Wordpress/Buddypress Integration : I know a few wordpress/buddypress powered niche community sites that needs a HN clone well integrated with wordpress/buddypress and preferably an open source solution written in PHP. You can either make it open source or a commercial plugin or a hosted solution. It is up to you.

6. Public Transport Information System : Web/Mobile App to let users find efficient ways to commute in any given city. Maps, routes, fare, fastest route, cheapest route for Bus/Metro etc. Also provide taxi services details - their contact number and rates. Start it with one city and keep adding other cities. Create a system where you only need to input data of other cities to make it work. You can also provide a REST API for it.

7. Emotags : Emotionalize the web. Tag any web page/image/video with emotion-tags. Browse the web in an emotional way.

8. FireFTP for Google Chrome : Clone the popular FireFTP plugin of firefox for Chrome. Just google “FireFTP for chrome” to understand its demand.

9. Udacity for music : A site similar to udacity that offers quality courses on music like - Music Theory, Learn Piano, Learn Guitar, Vocals, etc. You can charge for the courses.

10. Music Marketplace : A one-stop music marketplace where anyone (artist or record labels) can legally sell music/video online. Also, it should have a good referral program and REST API.

11. Hacker News Recommendation Engine : It should apply machine learning algorithms to my upvotes and upvotes of users having similar taste to recommend HN posts/comments that I may like.

12. HN Knowledge Explorer : It should let me find best articles/posts/comments posted on HN for a particular category and sort it by points, number of comments, date etc. For example, “Machine Learning”, “SEO”, etc. I don’t know if it is possible but it would be nice if it can also provide a way to sort these on basis of their google rank for search term.

P.S. : If you want to discuss these ideas with me or if you are interested in collaborating over any other interesting project, mail me at